First time coming to Flores? Or first time trying scuba diving in Komodo National Park?
Here are some useful information that is commonly asked by our guests regarding your trip in Labuan Bajo in various aspects. If your question is not listed here, or any other page in our website, we are always welcome to answer your question(s). We can give you some advice for your travel plan. Lastly, we hope you can have the most memorable trip with us!


Encompassing the rugged topography that reflects the position of the park within the active volcanic “shatter belt” between Australia and the Sunda shelf, the boundaries of the Komodo National Park encircle the main park features, including the outstanding scenery and the unique species it hosts; komodo monitor, birds, marine mammals, coral reef-species, and others. The boundaries are considered adequate to secure the habitat and the main ecological processes to preserve them. The extensive marine buffer zone surrounding the park is key to maintaining the integrity and intactness of the property and the number of exceptional species that it hosts.
Even until today, illegal fishing and poaching remain the main threats to the values of the property and its overall integrity. At present, basic funding for the Park is provided through the Government of Indonesia. These funds, however, are insufficient to meet all the management needs for the Park. Therefore, The Komodo National Park management will conduct an assessment of options for restructuring tourist gate fees and reforming the gate fee distribution system within the park, so that a significant portion of these fees can be channeled directly to Park management support.


The ticket price depends on the day of your trip. Our price is not include the ticket fee because we do not sell the ticket by our self. It is meant to be purchased directly by the guest(s) on the Komodo National Park’s locket. The price below is price per person per day.

Komodo National Park Entrance ticket : Rp 150.000,-
Komodo Island/ Rinca Island Entrance ticket : Rp 50.000,-
Scuba diving activity : Rp 25.000,-
Snorkeling activity : Rp 15.000,-
Trekking activity : Rp 5000,-
Wild life observation ticket : Rp 10.000,-
Ranger ticket : Rp 80.000,- (1 Ranger for 4 pax)

Komodo National Park Entrance ticket : Rp 225.000,-
[Activity tickets are the same price]


Although it is recommended to have a medical test before trying scuba diving, it is not necessary to be super healthy. All scuba divers will need to fill a dive health assessment before they start to dive. If the majority of your answer is “YES” (depending what you answer yes to), then there should be no problem for you to rock scuba diving. One basic skill that you definitely need to have is the ability to swim and float as it is required in the Open Water Swimming Test. For more detail information you can read: http://scuba.about.com/od/learntodive/a/divingfitness.htm


It’s always convenient to have insurance before starting a trip. Especially when you plan on having a diving trip. Make sure your travel insurance can cover for scuba diving activities. There are some Insurance companies especially for diver: DAN, PADI, and IDEC. Make sure to visit their website and to contact them for further information.


Yes, there is quite big hospital that is going to open in the end of the year. It has quite a decent facility for scuba divers.


There are quite a huge range of accommodation in Labuan Bajo. Depending on your preferences, you can basically find budget hotel for backpacker until the very luxury villas. If you book with us, we can always help you with hotel reservation on the hotel of your choice.


Before the trip, we always ask you to specify any dietary requirements to us.
During trip, our standard lunch box contains rice, vegetables, meat (chicken/beef/seafood), and fruits. We provide tea, coffee, and mineral water, soft drink and also snacks. So you certainly won’t be hungry. We can advise some of our favorite restaurant to eat out for dinner.


Surprisingly, tipping is the question that is very common asked by our guest. Tipping is entirely discretionary. If you are happy with our Divemaster/Dive Instructor and crew service, they are very welcome to accept it. There is no any standard amount of how much you should give, really. You can give the crew the amount that is fair with their service. Our Dive masters and crew are all hard workers and a fun people. We are very glad if you could support their incomes.

Sound travels five times faster underwater than in air, which makes it almost impossible to establish where sound is coming from, as we rely on the time difference between our ears to do so.
When is the best time to dive?
Best time to dive in Komodo is during dry season, starting from March until October. The sea is calmer, and sunny all day. This is the best time to dive in North and Central dive sites. During November until December is rainy season, the weather is a bit rough, and the current can be really strong. But it is the best time to see a lot of Mantas. Also perfect time to go to the south dive sites. January and February is the peak of rainy season in Komodo. The weather is unpredictable, sometimes the harbor master prohibit all the boats to sail.