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Diving in Komodo National Park, as one of the world’s best diving destination with the richest diversity of marine life, is an exceptional thing you have to encounter. Since the green and blue turquoise-colored water with hills surrounding on the sea surface will not be enough to fulfill your felicity, this place will offer you to see the whole 1,000 species of fish, 260 species of coral reef, …

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The most popular daily tour in Komodo National Park goes to Padar Island, Komodo Island, Pink Beach and Manta Point.

Padar Island:

Padar Island is around one hour by Red Whale Speedboat from Labuan Bajo. Usually we start at 8 o’clock in the morning when the wind and the wave are less strong. If it’s falling tide…

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Scuba divers who visit Komodo National usually use wooden boats to take them to their destinations. However, based our experience, it’s not the best option. Therefore we recommend using speedboat instead. There are some good reasons why taking speedboat is better than wooden boats.

Speedboats are a lot faster, thus saving a lot of your time

Komodo National Park has a lot more to…

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Manta Point - Fly me to the moon

“Ok, everyone, there are around 10 minutes and we will arrive at our next dive site: Karang Makassar. Karang means coral, and Makassar is the capital city of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The story has it that the fishing men from Makassar discovered this place and the dive site is named after them later. If I say its another name…

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Are you looking for a snorkeling trip in Komodo with the kids or friends who are not divers as yet? Do you want to see the amazing underwater world in the most famous diving destination around the world? Join Red Whale speedboat and let’s explore those unexpected places in one day to the maximum extent.

We have several snorkeling trips that might fit your need. Let’s start with our clas…